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Free China

Bound by a common conviction, the fates of a woman living in Beijing and a man living in New York become inextricably linked in a story of courage and freedom.

From the award-winning director of “Tibet: Beyond Fear”, Free China: The Courage to Believe, examines the widespread human rights violations in China through the remarkable and uplifting stories of Jennifer Zeng, a mother and former Communist Party member, and Dr. Charles Lee, a Chinese American businessman, who along with hundreds of thousands of peaceful citizens are imprisoned, tortured and even killed for their organs.

This timely documentary highlights the issue of unfair trade practices with the West and how Internet technologies and the re-emergence of traditional Chinese culture and spirituality are helping bring freedom to 1.3 billion people in China.


由獲獎的《西藏: 超越恐懼》的導演執導,紀錄片《自由中國:有勇氣相信》省思了中國大陸侵犯人權的普遍現狀。它講述了一個前中共黨員和作為一名母親的曾崢,與一個美國商人和醫學博士李祥春,所經歷的令人震撼和感動的故事。和中國大陸幾百萬和平善良的中國公民一樣,他們曾被拘捕關押,酷刑迫害,並面臨著被盜取器官而謀殺的危險。