New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television, a 501(C) non-profit TV network headquartered in New York, was founded in 2001 by a group of Chinese Americans. Recognizing a dangerous predicament for China and the West that is caused by Beijing’s severe media censorship, these individuals had a bold vision to break through China’s state media control and bring truthful and uncensored information to the Chinese people.

In 2004, NTD opened the first independent, uncensored satellite window into China, broadcasting uncensored programming 24/7 in Chinese language directly into parts of China. A second platform followed soon afterwards, in the form of a peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming video service that breaks through the Great Firewall of China. Running on the iPPOTV software, China Internet Channel enables even the least tech-savvy users to access NTD contents. In fact, NTD and its partner, the Global Internet Freedom Consortium, jointly operate the world’s largest Internet anti-censorship platform. Millions of Chinese scale the Great Firewall daily through this platform to access the real, uncensored Internet.

NTD was the first Chinese TV station to cover the SARS epidemic in 2003, breaking the story fully three weeks before Chinese officials acknowledged the outbreak. When thousands of children fell ill because of melamine-tainted milk in 2008, China’s state-run media covered up the news; NTD sounded the alarm to the Chinese people. Many NTD programs give voice to Chinese citizens to address their grievances about social injustice, human rights abuses and the persecution of Christians, Tibetans, Falun Gong, and rights activists. After a power struggle within the Communist Party broke out in early 2012, the daily Internet traffic from Mainland China to NTD’s site has soared 500 percent.

NTD acts as a watchdog on the authoritarian regime, bringing out the stories that no other TV stations dare to report.  For more information please visit www.NTDTV.org


“I am a peasant in China. I’ve been saving my money by living frugally so that I can have money to buy a satellite dish… I have just bought a dish to watch NTD secretly with the people in my village, to let more people in my village know more about the truth outside [China].” —Deng Hangcheng, viewer in Guangdong Province

“I appreciated very much the [NTD] interview with the [US] Deputy Assistant Secretary of State expressing his concern over Article 23… Thank you so much. The interview made a big impression in Hong Kong.” – A Reporter at Apple Daily, Hong Kong

“[NTD’s] programmesare very different from the content on China’s state TV stations. There is a great deal of coverage of human rights issues, including the repression in Tibet and of religious groups such as Falun Gong and the underground Christian churches.” —Reporters Without Borders

“This country has become thoroughly corrupt. They (the government) make up lies to cover up the crimes, and we have nowhere to tell our story; we have no protection for our basic rights. I thank NTD Television for your hard work; you give us a platform to speak, a right to our voice, listen to our experiences, and let the world know about our situation.” — PengZhonglin, an interviewee for People’s Forum

“I want to thank NTD for reporting on my story. It helped speed up my release when I was being wrongfully held in police detention.” —Sun Yukun, Rights Activist, Shanghai

“New Tang Dynasty TV was founded in 2001 and has gained an international reputation for its objective and timely reporting of political, economic, and cultural stories in Chinese.” —International Federation of Journalists

“The pioneering US-based channel, New Tang Dynasty TV, is the only truly independent Chinese- language TV reaching tens of millions of private satellite dishes across China.” —93 Members of U.S. Congress, Letter to President Bush, April 12, 2005