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Free China: contender for “Best Score” 86th Academy Awards

Well…we’re up there along with John Williams…Hans Zimmer…and 114 other hopefuls for ‘Best Score’ for a feature length film at the 86th Academy Awards! What an honor! Go Tony Chen !!! Go Free China: The Courage to Believe !! (Please click on the image below for the full story…ps we’re also in contention for Best Documentary and Best Original Song for motion picture!)


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Free China to broadcast on Nasul TV Romania

BREAKING NEWS!! - Free China: The Courage to Believe to broadcast on Nasul TV, Romania TODAY.

You can also watch it FREELY online today at 1.55pm EST (Thursday Nov. 28th, start time roughly 1.55pm – 2pm New York Time)

Please spread the word! ps if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, don’t miss it! (61 minute film – in English, with Chinese subtitles).

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Here’s to celebrating and being thankful of all the freedoms we have that we often take for granted!

Kean Wong, Michael Perlman and From Everyone on the Free China Team!

Free China_ curajul de a crede

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